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5 Tips to Improve Your Installation with Panamax®

August 1, 2021

When it comes to your power system, we want to make sure you’re equipped with the best products and knowledge for a quick and easy installation process. We asked our Associate Product Manager, Andy Spalla, what makes Panamax the right choice for dealers and installers when considering power protection. Plus, Andy outlines the five best tips for an easier and better installation. Let’s dive in!

Best Practices for the Best Installation

  1. Use the right cable length when dressing a rack

Most power cords included with amplifiers, control system equipment and AVRs are much longer than necessary. It can be very challenging to use the included cables to do proper wire management. Most AV products use modular IEC power inlets, allowing you to use the proper length IEC cord to make your rack a work of art. Check out the cables we have available!

  1. Use 12-inch extension cables for bulky wall-wart transformers

We all hate the huge, bulky DC power supplies, aka the wall-wart, that come with many of today’s products. We have all seen power supplies that are so large they block out outlets other than the one they are plugged into, rendering that outlet useless. Use a 12-inch extension cord,also available from Panamax, with the wall-wart to ensure all outlets on your power conditioner are usable.

  1. Plug devices into the proper filter banks

Do you ever hear electrical noise, a buzz or hum over your speakers? Panamax® products feature isolated filter banks, which isolate noise created by devices in your rack to the bank it’s plugged into. Plug devices that have noisy wall warts/DC power supplies into a different filter bank than amplifiers.

  1. Connect amplifiers to high-current outlets

Ever wonder what the high-current outlets are for on a power product? You may be robbing your amplifiers of power and not even know it! High-current outlets do not have additional filtration, which results in uncompromised audio reproduction.

  1. Put those heavy devices at the bottom of the rack

Save your back and put heavy devices such as UPS battery backups at the bottom of the rack. This will also create a lower center of gravity, effectively anchoring the rack. Placing heavy products towards the middle or top of the rack can create a tipping hazard and no one wants that.

Benefits of Protecting Your System with Panamax® Products

Protect the investment of your new home theater, distributed audio, or control system. Don’t let a surge, or a problem on the aging power grid interrupt the big game, or your enjoyment of a movie with family and friends.

Panamax products with BlueBOLT technology also can be configured to auto-reboot, keeping your system running properly, automatically. You won’t ever have to reach behind a modem or cable box again to unplug it and plug it back in again.

Make your audio and video look and sound its best, thanks to our premium noise filtration. Panamax® power management devices filter out unwanted noise using proprietary filtration circuits.

What’s Next?

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