Advanced Power Management Solutions

It’s more than just lightning. Every AC power outlet in your home and business sees dozens of daily electrical surges of the incoming power, spikes, and fluctuations, most generated from within the building. A reliable home theater power manager is what you need.
Power Management is critical to the safety, performance, and longevity of your valuable electronics.

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Save Time, Money and Energy.

Get real-time, cloud-based control and monitoring of your connected equipment with the BlueBOLT 2.0 and the BlueBOLT remote power management mobile app. Enabled devices allow you to monitor voltage, reduce service calls, schedule automated remote reboots, get alerts to potential problems, and more.

What Are You Plugging Into?

Get automatic over- and under-voltage power protection. Panamax protects equipment and maximizes the performance of your valuable electronics - from your AV equipment to other appliances. That's why top home technology pros make Panamax their #1 choice for surge protection and performance year after year.